Glutenfree menu - Restauracja Patio | Wrocław Rynek

Specially for guests with a gluten intolerance our Restaurant has prepared a gluten-free menu. The method by which dishes are prepared in their gluten-free versions is strictly monitored, consisting in a special processing and the selection of gluten-free ingredients and accompaniments. With great care and caution we select also the vessels with which to prepare the dishes, so as to prevent contact with others prepared in a traditional manner, and with products containing gluten. Preparation of gluten-free dishes is preceded by a detailed interview at the placing of orders.

    • Glutenfree menu

    • Sous-vide duck breast with cherries in wine sauce


      Silesian dumplings / stewed red cabbage with figs

    • Gourmet roast


      loin of pork marinated in herbs and traditional French mustard wrapped in bacon / Silesian dumplings / assorted salads

    • Entrecôte steak with garlic butter


      cream of "Goat Basilisk" cheese from the Łomnica region / baked potato / barbecue sauce / seasonal salad / buckwheat vinaigrette

    • Polish beef steak tartare


      quail egg yolk / anchovy / caviare / pickles / bread

    • Herring on celery salad with apples and walnuts


      hammered pepper / bread

    • Grilled aubergine rolls stuffed with mozzarella


      hot tomato sauce

    • Roma salad grilled chicken pieces


      bacon served hot / anchovy / cherry tomatoes / capers / slices of Grana Padano cheese / mixed salad / buckwheat vinaigrette

    • Patio salad avocado


      mushrooms / cherry tomatoes / assorted lettuce / Aioli sauce / buckwheat vinaigrette / and (to choose from):
      • hot prawns and Parma ham
      • grilled tofu in rosemary oil and chickpeas

    • Lemon tart


      white chocolate ice cream with raspberries / peach sauce with chia

    • “Od Węgrzyna” - traditional craft ice cream from the Kłodzko Valley.


      No sugar, additives and colouring. Served with seasonal fruit

    • Gilt-head bream roasted with scallops and herb crumble


      aubergine purée / pepper pesto

    • Zander fillet fried in lobster butter


      served in omelette with mushrooms, spinach and crayfish / seasonal salad / sesame vinaigrette

    • Oriental Black Tiger prawns


      flavoured with lemon grass, chilli, garlic and coconut milk / mixed salad with lime / herb toasts

    • Pan-fried St. Jacob’s scallops


      served with lemon grass / mango and chilli salsa / local buckwheat honey / herb toasts

    • Jack Daniel's steak


      grilled beefsteak with green pepper in whiskey sauce / green bean / pan-fried potatoes